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 K-Style Guide

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Not so Nooby after all......
Not so Nooby after all......

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PostSubject: K-Style Guide   K-Style Guide Icon_minitimeSat Jul 07, 2007 3:50 pm

Just for the record ~ The story of K-Styling
(Skip this if you want)

Quote :
In GunZ, "Korean-Style" (also commonly known as K-Style) is a style of play based on several glitches within GunZ, and is a form of emergent gameplay. Like in several fighting games such as Street Fighter, this allows a player to cancel certain character animations, thus creating complex combo moves. Because it's based on several programming oversights, people using Korean-Style were often considered to be cheating, but now the style is generally accepted, as the GunZ 2005 trailer features Korean players actively using K-Style [7]. The name "Korean-Style" was named after the player "Korean"[citation needed]. "K-Stylers" must use swords or kodachis, because although any other melee weapon can also cancel certain character animations, these weapons can cancel a slash animation by beginning the animation to switch their weapon, which is the basis of many glitch techniques.

Players playing without using Korean-Style are said to be using "European-Style" (E-Style), which is a style in which the player does not use canceling and only uses the core techniques for movement, and plays similarly to a normal first-person shooter game. A player who uses canceling but does not use a sword is said to be using "Dagger-Style" (D-Style). Korean-Style, however, is the most popular fighting style in GunZ, either in full or in the use of certain moves because it creates a quicker pace for the game.

Although a highly experienced European-Styler can compete with a Korean-Styler, they may be called a "sprayer" derogatively, since many European-Stylers use automatic weapons, most of which are inaccurate due to their large spread (although several automatic weapons are some of the most accurate weapons in the game). Daggers are lightweight in comparison to swords and allow a player to dash often with more ease. However, the dagger cannot be used to block, and cannot cancel a stab animation by switching to another weapon, limiting its usefulness in comparison to using a sword.

Types of K-Style

To do a Wall-Cancel, Stand perpendicular to a wall. Have melee active. Run at the wall, jump, jump off the wall, slash, dash at the wall, jump off the wall, slash, dash at the wall, jump off the wall, repeat. This is a basic move to keeping yourself in the air.

Multiple-Wall Run
This is a harder move, due to the small angle-of-approach used for a wall-run. I've taken a picture of the proper angle of approach for a wall-run.

Light Step
This will train your fingers for the half-step and flash-step. It's a pretty useless move, all it does it let you dash twice in midair.

To Light-Step, jump, dash, slash, and dash.

A fundamental of sword fighting.

To Butterfly-Step, Jump, Dash, Slash, and Block right after the slash.

The Slash-Shot

To Slash-Shot, Jump, Dash, Slash(HOLD), Change to a Gun, Gun will shoot.


Now onto the advanced moves, these are what makes a K-Styler so good =]

Once you get this move down, chances are you wont use the Slash-Shot anymore.

To Half-Step: Jump, Dash, Slash(HOLD), Change, Dash(RIGHT AFTER CHANGE), Gun will shoot.

Apparently this is not the half-half, but it sure works hella better.

Another Variation of Half-Step, with 3 Dashes.

To Half-Half Step: Jump, Dash, Slash(HOLD), Change, Dash(RIGHT AFTER CHANGE), Jump, Dash, Gun will shoot.

A Move that lets you slash twice in one jump. This is a very versatile move.

To Flash-Step: Jump, Slash, Change to gun, Change to melee, Slash

You can switch up this move by throwing in dashes and the such.

Unblockable Massive

An unblockable massive strike. Simply turn around 180* when you encounter a blocker with a massive strike. They will get hurt by the massive, but they will still be in block mode, so you must aim the feet.


The "Instant-Kill" is a move that uses the alternate swing of the sword to do. What you do is knock the enemy in the air, then aim at the apex of the knock, and fire. You can either then take this move separate ways:

Butterfly near landing point -> Knock Shoot near landing point -> Knock Knock and repeat.

The Wall-Post is a move that I started to use. Basically a Wall-Post is a Half-Step off of a wall instead of the ground.

To Wall-Post: Jump, Dash at wall, Slash(HOLD), Jump, Change, Dash away from wall, Fire


This can only be done in certain points of maps. It's basically sustaining yourself in the air while you reload, so you can keep yourself safe and/or get away at the same time, while reloading your gun.


Quickmedding is a basic skill that allows you to drop meds twice as fast.


To Quickmed, keep running at a wall, take out the first set of meds, and drop it (HOLD DROP). Change to second set of meds, it will drop, then change back to first set, it will drop, then change to second set. Do this for how long you need to.


A rarely-used move, but sometimes helpful. It's just like a slashshot, but with a MedKit/RepairKit in the hand. In this move, you hold Fire till you hit the ground, at which the medkit will drop. After this, you should light step over the medkit to ensure you picking the medkit up. Remember that the medkit will drop in the direction you are moving, so make sure to plan your pickup in the way the medkit is going to move to.
Equipment for K-Stylers

So, wondering about what equipment you should be carrying? There are many good combinations for K-Stylers, here are some below. I'm rating the combinations from 1 Star (*) up to 5 stars (*****) as I see it in my opinion.

Shotgun - Shotgun : The most common combination seen, and arguably the easiest to use, and most powerful. Shotguns do good damages at medium range, but when it comes to long-range fighting, you'll have to get closer to deal some damage. (*****)

Shotgun - Revolver : Another good combination. This gives you the ability to do damage at both long ranges and short ranges. (*****)

Revolver - Revolver : A tougher combination to use, since at closer ranges you will lose the ability for a spread hit and non-concentrated damage. Also, revolvers tend to be pretty accurate, and lag may become an issue on your accuracy. (***)

Shotgun - Rocket : Another good combination, although the rocket will not work at long ranges. (****)

Revolver - Rocket : Good damages at long range and short, although I'd prefer a shotty over a rocket anyday. (****)

Rocket - Rocket : A tough combination to use, but if used correctly can be very formidable. You lose any hope of damaging at long ranges, so any Rifle/Revolver users out there will tear Rocket/Rocket users up. (**)

Rifle - Shotgun : You now only have one "SS"-able weapon now, so you'll be going hybrid now. This is a very unexpected combo as most players don't expect a SG user to whip out a rifle at any given point. (****)

Rifle - Revolver : Meh. Another long-ranged base set, I'd prefer going Revolver/Revolver for the concentrated damages. (**)
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PostSubject: Re: K-Style Guide   K-Style Guide Icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2007 8:40 pm

Dang.. This is very helpful, im trying to learn all of these.... Im just trying to get good at GunZ.. You know i just started Smile lol!
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PostSubject: Re: K-Style Guide   K-Style Guide Icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2007 10:28 pm

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K-Style Guide
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